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Evan Carter is a Toronto based stand-up comedian, show host and MC . For three decades Evan has been successfully mining all three of these live entertainment veins. His versatility, experience and professionalism has served him well and Carter can move easily from concert halls, opening for such acts as Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Air Supply, Dionne Warwick and many other top names in the world of showbusiness, to smaller functions like private corporate affairs or fundraisers for community groups and sports teams. Comedian, show host or MC, Evan Carter can serve as one, two or all three of these duties in a clean, professional manner.

Wayne Flemming may not have invented the concept of standup comedy but he has certainly perfected it as an artform. After 25 years of entertaining crowds from coast to coast and abroad, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that he knows all there is to know about pleasing an audience. He is polished, professional, warm and very very funny.

His ability as an impressionist had made him one of the most requested voice actors in Canada and around the world. He has countless TV appearances to his credit, including FOX TV's "In Living Color", CBC's "COMICS!", "Thick and Thin", "Family Passions" and "Married Life", CTV's "Emergency Room" and CityTV's "Yo Canada". Wayne has also been featured in such films as "Switching Channels" with Kathleen Turner and Burt Reynolds, "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise, "Meatballs 3", "Goofballs" and "Rebel High".

Doug Funk

Doug has been a veteran of the comedy scene for quite some time. In 1987 he studied with The Second City in Toronto and started writing and performing stand-up comedy. In early 1991 Doug moved to Vancouver where he joined the Vancouver TheatreSports League.

From 1992 until the present, Doug has performed in many TheatreSports shows including Star Trick The Musical as Captain Quirk, and a variety of school shows for which he was nominated for a Jessie Award for Best Young Adult Entertainer.

Victor J. performs as host/comedian at many different events, and most recently I saw him with the “Rock n Roll Flashback” troupe when they appeared in London, Ontario. The “flashback” concept is the brainchild of entertainer Jeff Scott (Buddy Holly) and this particular evening also featured Anthony Von as Elvis, Bernie Jessome as Roy Orbison, and Victor J. doing double duty as host and as the Big Bopper – complete with a great rendition of Chantilly Lace and a cell phone!

And that's not all. Victor J., during the course of a typical roller coaster evening of fast-paced entertainment, also does celebrity impressions (who else could do Jack Nicholson calling his cat and have the audience absolutely convulsed with laughter!), and treats us to comedy routines by his alter-egos: flamenco guitarist, Jose PorFavor; Shamus, the Newfoundland fisherman; Garth Baldy (hero to all the follicle-ly challenged men without hair); and anyone and anything else that pops into his mind or out of his mouth.

Scott Harris
Scott Harris has worked in all of the entertainment mediums. He has written and performed in television commercials, acted in films and spent fifteen years as a radio broadcaster. For ten of those years (1977-1987), he held down the 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. slot on Hamilton, Ontario's Top 40 rock station CKOC. While there, Scott Harris released three successful comedy albums... Rapper's Delight, Beach Bum and Low Budget Breakdance.

A regular over the past few years at the Montreal Comedy Festival "Just For Laughs" Scott was nominated for "Best Standup Comedian" at the Canadian Comedy Awards and headlined the very first "Whistler Comedy Festival" in B.C

Larry Horowitz

Larry is an accomplished comedian who performs over two hundred shows per year and also instructs others on how to write and perform their own comedy material. Over the past 25 years Larry has mastered the art of stand-up comedy to become one of the most sought after speakers, teachers and performers of comedy. For organizations, Larry offers a number of comedic presentations and seminars as well as being an effective speaker providing clean, contemporary humor that will knock your socks off. Looking for a way to "punch-up" your script or add some zip to your speech? Look no further. Larry can provide creative comic assistance to enhance any report, presentation, speech or product launch. Larry has been seen on; Late Night with David Letterman, America's Funniest People, An Evening at the Improv, TheJoan River's Show, SCTV, Rubber Face (with Jim Carrey), The Fifth Estate, George Schlatter's Comedy Club, Show Me The Funny.

Dick Joiner

With his infectious hysterical laugh, fun-loving zany manner and high paced interactive comedy magic, Dick Joiner delights and astounds audiences on land, sea, and air (television), throughout Canada, the U. S. A., and Europe.

Dick’s versatility and unique blend of Magic and Mayhem make him a consistent audience favorite for all types of occasions.

Dick Joiner is able to adapt to any audience situation. He was a feature performer on Canada's Longest running Comedy Magic Cabaret "Harpers - A Little Night Magic" where he performed up to seven shows a week during its run of ten years.  Whether you are looking for a gala production with large illusions, multiple performers, and all the flash of a Vegas revue, or simply a vibrant show host or master of ceremonies, Dick Joiner will tailor the show to fit your needs.  You can always count on a fast paced riot of a show with lots of craziness and tons of audience participation.



Since entering the Yuk Yuks Search for Canada's Funniest New Comic 19 years ago Laverty has traveled from Vancouver to St. John's. In 2001 she toured Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa. She is a favourite with clubs, community fundraisers and Military posts. In October of 2006 she performed at a NATO base in Germany and hopes one day to travel the world performing for all of the military personnel.

Shannon's recent TV and Radio credits include Listed (Much More Music), Club 54 , "Fruitopia Comedy Funfest"
at Paramount Canada's Wonderland (broadcast on CKVR-TV), The Movie Network's Pay-Per-View comedy special "Mondo Taboo 2", She's So Funny and Funny Girls on the Woman's Television Network, Comics (On CBC-appeared in 2 B roles) and Yuk Yuk's-The Radio Show on the Telemedia Network. Shannon has also made numerous appearances at the Molson Canadian Toronto Comedy Festival. She has also been nominated 4 times for the Canadian Comedy awards.

What created the Daddy Makk style of stand-up comedy?

Growing up as an "A" student and a skinny kid, Daryl found that being a class clown kept the bullies from beating him up if he could keep them laughing. This ability was a gift that seemed to come natural for him so it only seemed fitting he would end up in the world of stand-up comedy.
Fast-forward many years and Daryl Makk is re-educating the sheeple of the joke at a time and has (professionally) since 1993! He has also grown to a 6 foot 3 inch comedian that holds little back. No one bullies Daddy Makk anymore and his humor is his weapon!!
As a father himself, he understands that comedy can educate and inform. With an easy-going style he awakens those nagging thoughts we all have about how screwed up the world around us really is. Think of it as dad trying to save you from making a painful life's lesson mistake. That's the Daddy Makk style that audiences warm up to very easily.
Described by CBC radio as "A friendly good ‘ol boy with knowledge and he's not afraid to use it" Makk has been delighting audiences around the world with his humor. You'll love as he barbecues up social sacred cows and serves them up as plates full of laughter!!
An extended tour in Australia in 2005 had him in sold out shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and showed that the folks down under also love his twisted style of stand-up comedy.
His one-hour "Comedy Now" special was selected to kick off season 8 of this award winning show in 2005 and has aired on CTV and The Comedy Network
You should see this very comical field trip of truth and reality: The Daddy Makk Attakk!!

Quinn Martin

Known as the Sovereign Comedian, Quinn C Martin has appeared on TV, film, and stage in both the U.S. and Canada. This comedian is a relentless verbal onslaught of humour. Quinn C Martin doesn't go for giggles and chuckles, he's looking to make you burst with laughter.

Tony Molesworth
Tony's diverse talents and wide experience are apparent from the second he appears on stage. A hybrid of clowning and fast paced stand-up comedy fall perfectly into theatrical format. A "hiplarious" one man vaudevillian show of a variety of talents such as banjo, clarinet shtick, mime, juggling, slapstick, magic, petry, ventriliquism, audience participation, sight gags and "hipsterical" cartoon word play.

In his career, Tony has entertained at thousands of corporate shows such as Bell Canada, Honda, IBM and Canada Post. He has opened for hundreds of stars such as Jim Carrey, Howie Mandel, Weird Al Yankovich and bands such as U.K., John Mayle, John Candy, Rick Moranis and Elvis Costello.

Performing for over twenty-five years, Glenn Ottaway has done just about everything. Beginning as an amateur magician in his early teens, and turning professional at sixteen, he began his life long journey in show biz. From Circus Sideshow to the Royal York's Imperial Room (when it was a theatre of respect!), Glenn has made his passion of live entertainment his life.

Shuffling, mixing, and sleight-of-handing comedy and magic, Glenn has appeared from coast to coast, and from San Antonio, Texas to Alert (just south of the North Pole). A ten year stint as resident host and Master of Ceremonies of “A Little Night Magic” (Canada's longest continuously running Magic/Comedy Cabaret) did not anchor him. He has worked every possible venue, from The International Plowing Match to the Imperial Theatre in St John, New Brunswick. He has performed for British Royalty visiting Canada, and Canadian peace-keepers in Bosnia. He has appeared with Blue Rodeo , The Farmer's Daughter , Lawrence Gowan , Moxy Fruvous , The Spoons , The Skydiggers and The Waltons , not to mention the golden oldies Brenda Lee and The Four Lads .

Rob Power is one of the finest children's performers in Canada! His stage shows will thoroughly entertain both young and old! Among other highlights, Rob has been a headliner with Yuk Yuks since 1985; worked with Eperotiki and Carnival Cruise Lines; in schools, malls & libraries he offers a money back guarantee; he holds 1st place awards in Magic and Variety skills competitions; and he is one of the top ten Balloon sculptors in Canada.

Kenny Robinson is one of the few comedians that can be called a Canadian Comedy legend.
Kenny Robinson is a stand-up comic, actor, and some-time radio DJ. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he moved to Toronto in 1983 to pursue a career as a comedian. Kenny Robinson has been performing as a stand-up comedian and actor for more than 25 years. Kenny Robinson has been touring across North America winning both audiences and critical acclaim with his raucous, irreverent, profane and opinionated brand of "in your face" style of comedy and social commentary.
Kenny Robinson has appeared at the renowned Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Laffapalooza Urban Comedy Festival in Atlanta, The CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Zanies, L.A.'s Comedy Store and Improv, has had his own CBC television special of "Comics".

Mark Walker is a comedian with an incredible ability to combine razor sharp comedy with a dazzling array of celebrity impressions. His insights into the idiosyncrasies of life combined with his impressions of everyone from Jimmy Stewart to Joe Pesci have led him to become one of Canada's most celebrated comedians and voice impressionists.

Paul Wildbaum

Paul Wildbaum has thrilled audiences around the world with an inspired repertoire of comedy, visual theater and audience participation. Described as "hilarious" and "touching", Paul is a compelling performer who combines the sublime with the ridiculous to create a brilliant cast of characters: Hamlet as a drunk, a baby unsure about being born; and with an uncanny ability to involve the audience, he creates a western in which he plays the villain and has audience members playing all the other roles, even the saloon doors.

Paul studied mime with Til Thiel for seven years, Commedia Dell'Arte with Carlo Mazzone Clemente, and clown and mask with Richard Pochenko. He also apprenticed and performed as a puppeteer and studied acting and directing with Marie Hopps.

Toronto stand-up shaker Pete Zedlacher is on cloud nine. A cliche, sure, but divide that number by three and that's exactly the number of years it's taken to transform him from struggling New York actor to one of the youngest headline comedy talents in Canada.

He's done it with quickly assumed confidence in his ability to charm a crowd, and has honed a slick, accessible - but not saccharin - act out of a combination of urban hipness and smalltown-hick-bewilderment. He's funny, affable and just risque enough to keep it honest.