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For the past 12 years Ben has been leaving them laughing at festivals, fairs, schools and corporate events. The Ben Show is an interactive comedy juggling stunt show. Complete with high energy vaudevillian balance feats, stylish juggling, gravity defying unicycling. His tricks are impressive but it’s his witty rapport with the audience that makes each show truly memorable. Fun for all ages.

Bob Cates

Experience the amazingly funny world of Comedy in Motion with Canada's favourite clean comedian & juggler, Bob Cates. This side-splitting interactive comedy show includes advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, lasers and an insane finale!

Bob, a Canadian Juggling Champion was twice named Best Entertainer of the Year at the Molson Canadian FEO Awards. He was twice nominated “Best One Man Show” at the Canadian Comedy Awards as well as Entertainer of the Year at the 07,08, 09 & 10 Canadian Event Industry Awards. The Comedy in Motion show has headlined all over the world from Disney Cruise Lines to corporate events. The show is non-stop laughs and amazement for all ages. 

Circus Jonathan is an award winning comic, unicyclist, juggler, renown clown, circus instructor, master balloon sculptor, stiltsman, wire walker, equilibrist, actor, professional court jester, acrobat, variety entertainment producer. His performance, production and instruction has seen and enjoyed across Canada in nine provinces, and in twelve countries around the world.

Edward is a Toronto based performer specializing in juggling and children's entertainment. He has performed with Cirque Du Soleil, Russian State and European Circuses. Currently Edward performs all over the GTA in festivals, birthday parties, corporate and private events. His performances include magic tricks, a halarious inflatable clowning act, and his specialty "juggling with soccer balls." It's an incredibly fun spectacle for all ages with lots of audience participation. Has performed with Cirque Du Soleil – Quidam for 6 years.

Greg Tarlin has been performing for over fifteen years. During this span, Greg's career has taken him back and forth across his native country of Canada, to theme parks in Japan and Korea, to festivals in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US, aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean and Hawaii and to a military base at the North Pole. He has been hired for hundreds of corporate events and cast in numerous film, television, and commercial productions.

A circus family performing a variety of unforgettable circus acts including juggling and unicycling.

Comedy, comedy, comedy. That's what this act is all about. But John Park is no joke-telling stand-up comic. Instead, this performer uses clever juggling and visually engaging comedy routines set to music to make his audience laugh. The crowd is with John all the way - even on stage, as volunteers take part and challenge John laugh for laugh for the comedic spotlight.

Johnny Toronto

Johnny Toronto's 35 minute show is non-stop hilarity for the whole family. Pulling surprise after surprise from his suitcase of props, Johnny mixes visual gags with verbal banter and jokes to involve the entire audience. He begins with comic impressions of cartoon characters and popular figures in the news while juggling 3, 4 and 5 balls. Then it's time to get a couple of volunteers to help him with a crazy magic trick and slow-motion scarf juggling. When he juggles colourful boxes his whole audience has to help him shouting out the right words at just the right moment. Next he chooses from a range of objects including hats, toilet plungers and fruits and vegetables to juggle while eating an apple, all the while telling jokes and making clever observations about his surroundings. His side-splitting finale sees him attempting to mount a six-foot unicycle while dancing with a tall volunteer, then gathering 3 juggling clubs from volunteers, careening out of control (but never for real) on the unicycle all the while showing off some truly jaw-dropping unicycling skills, ending with spectacular flourishes and jugglings at a height of close to 10 feet atop one wheel! Parts of his act have often been imitated, but this is the real deal! Astounding and pleasing audiences of all ages for more than 22 years!
From a 6 ft. high unicycle (putting his eye level at about 10 feet) Johnny can see the whole crowd and the whole crowd can definitely see Johnny! The perfect perch from which to “meet and greet” guests with a warm handshake or a welcoming greeting to those just arriving, at any event. Johnny has been known to juggle all manner of objects (including promotional items) at those heights or more down-to-earth strolling through the crowd or gliding through it on his rollerblades. Dressed up for any occasion – as a busker, circus juggler, ringmaster, pirate, medieval jester, mardi gras entertainer or in top-hat and tails, Johnny adds colour, atmosphere and lots of good-old-fashioned fun to every function.


Combining her offbeat humour with the use of objects, Madame Buskerfly has developed a show that blends physical comedy with circus skills. Her show has delighted people of all ages and nationalities with its direct approach and involvement of audience members.

The show moves from juggling with scarves, balls, clubs and Chinese yo-yo to a death-defying card trick involving a raccoon, a deck of cards and a cannon.

Nathaniel Rankin's fast-paced magic, juggling and comedy show, combines a range of state of the art modern magic, clean comedy, contemporary dance, juggling manipulation, escapology, audience participation and sharp wit.

Whether Nathaniel is levitating a 5 foot lamp 6 feet off the floor, vanishing a real radio into thin air, juggling 6 rings then catching them on his head or having you laugh so hard that you should have worn adult diapers to his show, this show is guaranteed to delight you to the point of nausea. His comedy will have you rolling in the aisles and his magic and juggling skills will have you amazed. Nathaniel tailors his show to fit any venue: theatres, cruise ships, circuses, banquets, colleges, weddings, restaurants, trade shows, casinos, revue shows, corporate events…… you name it…… he can do it.

He can do a variety of different sets: from a full 40 minute stage show to an entertaining 5 minute act. Nathaniel's shows can be customized to meet the specific needs of your client, vary in length and accommodate various performance spaces.

P. S. Whether playing to two dozen or two thousand people, Nathaniel has tremendous audience IMPACT and always performs solo. There's no need for assistants and all of his shows amazingly fit into standard luggage bags for easy travel. His originality and creativity compliment any celebration, making his performance an unforgettable experience.


Nels Ross is a professional performer, speaker, and oddball. As CEO of In Jest, Inc., he works solo and with others to provide uplifting shows, keynotes, and more in the United States, Canada, and abroad (see When he is not traveling and inspiring people to "live, laugh, love, and learn," Nels lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife and five kids.*

His full name is Nels Ross Cremean, but he uses Ross for his stage name. "It's easier for people to pronounce and remember," he says, "Plus it confuses creditors and crazy relatives who keep trying to find me."

The seeds were planted for a life of foolishness when Nels went to his first performing arts workshops at eight years old. During the next decade, he studied physical comedy, juggling, acting, and other arts, applying his talents everywhere from street festivals to theatrical productions.

Since those early days, Nels has studied theater at the University at Buffalo, completed degrees in mathematics and education, toured with a non-profit circus, trained with instructors from Ringling Brothers and Cirque du Soleil, written for Juggle magazine, taught performing arts courses and workshops, and provided shows and presentations for all kinds of groups and events.

Working mostly by word of mouth and referrals, Nels has been performing and speaking professionally since 1992 and full time since 1996. "I've been blessed," he relates, "Somehow I manage to spread joy, pay my bills, and feed my kids at least once a week." He also manages to bless others by giving, and by doing reduced fee and volunteer work.†

Nels continues to defy gravity wherever he goes. "Sure, I guess you could say I do that with my juggling," he explains, "but my greater purpose is to defy undue graveness or 'terminal seriousness' and to help people find more joy in life."

The Spin Cycle show features Greg, cool and sophisticated, wowing the audience with the skills that earned him the title of Canadian Juggling champion and showcasing his talent with yoyos, unicycles, ball spinning and more.

On the flipside is Kristi, attempting to find out what she should be if she grows up. Her attempts include conducting (featuring a bell ringing routine with children from the audience), ballroom dancing (with two life-sized puppets), synchronized swimming (this one has to be seen to be believed) and ballet (on stilts), to name a few. In the end, the two of combine their talents and learn that they're much better working together!

Over the years, Greg and Kristi have collaborated on numerous productions (see following pages about some of their other work) as well as pursuing their own solo careers. Spin Cycle is the show that pulls the best of these routines into a rocking one hour performance for family audiences.

"Will leave your sides and cheeks aching from laughter" - Kristen McGuinn - Baskin Robbins Canada