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Do you believe that laughter is as important to our health as good nutrition and regular exercise?
Do you believe that our kids get too much sarcasm and negative influences in the entertainment they receive?
Do you believe that an original and challenging presentation will help stimulate creativity in young minds, and help them to learn?
Do you believe that kids should be treated to new experiences that will broaden their minds?
Do you believe that families should be able to watch a show that is geared with everyone in mind, so that all ages can have fun at the same time?

Joan Caesar

Over the years, Joan Caesar has performed for such organizations as: Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Fergus/Elora, Various Public Schools, Lions clubs, Family picnics, Recreational parks, Fall fairs, A variety of corporate children's Christmas parties, Italian, Canadian Club, Numerous birthday parties. She has also performed her adult show for Senior centres, Red Hat groups, Anniversary parties,Wedding parties . Her show includes the production of live animals, lots of audience participation and the help of volunteers from her audience.

Mike Collins
Magician with dove and rabbit; exciting interactive show.

Neil Croswell

Neil is a Toronto based magician available for all occasions across the GTA and Durham Region. Neil has been seen performing on such stages as the Riviera Hotel and Casino as well as The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was featured as part of the World Magic Seminar's annual competition. Most recently he was hired by Canadian television station YTV to appear in a series of magic trick based commercials promoting their several television shows and movies. In 2010 at the Canadian Championships of Magic he became the youngest person to date to win first place in the stage competition.

Let Neil bring his special breed of magic to your next event and make it a success.

Magic Dan's personal commitment is to supply performances that Adults and Family can enjoy together. I am blessed with a lot of patience and sensitivity for an individual's sense of fun, curiosity and fears. Stage shows are 1/2 hour to 1 hour with interactive comedy and magic which is adapted to suit any audience. I have had the opportunity to perform for audiences in Canada, Las Vegas, Europe, China, and the Caribbean.

Magic Dan performs comedy magic for all ages. His stage presentation includes a variety of effects that are geared to each audience. Volunteers enjoy becoming part of the show as they assist with magical props and items. For mature audiences various mentalist effects can be added to the mix. If it is a stage show larger illusions with assistants can be incorporated.


Get ready for fun, excitement, laughter and incredible magic. Brandon David's kid show is packed with mind-blowing magic the kids will love. His humor will have them jumping out of their seats with non stop cheering and laughter. Brandon can keep the kids fully entertained and captivated from a half hour to a full hour show.

This professional magician has spent seventeen years perfecting his show so your kids are guaranteed to have a blast! This is one magic show you have to see to believe.

During the show Brandon performs many magical feats, such as, ropes that shrink, grow and multiply. This one will leave them scratching their heads! A newspaper is signed by a volunteer, ripped up and visually restored back together for him or her to keep as a souvenir. Bob the Bookworm makes the kids go crazy trying to find it. He appears in the most incredible place at the end. A vanished silk ends up in a kid's sock. A jumbo card is picked by a participant only to appear in a balloon that the kids shoot open to western music with their hands. Extremely funny, they love this one! There's a hilarious linking rings routine with a volunteer. Plus much more amazing magic you'll see when you book the show.

Brandon David's show is extremely interactive and uses lots of audience participation. This show is filled with a lot music that goes perfectly with the magic. Brandon brings his own sound system and PA system for larger crowds.

If adults are watching they enjoy the show as much as the kids. At the end of the show, Brandon teaches the audience how to perform their own magic trick so they can go home and impress their family or friends.

Forget is an international award winning magician with a show that places him at the forefront of the magic world. He has created a magnificent magical experience that is inspired by his years traveling throughout the world and living in Toronto, Canada. Richard's vignettes tell a fascinating tale about Richard's experiences in an urban setting and in a modern world, with a magical twist.

As a world class magician, Richard has performed in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as on live television in front of millions of viewers, mesmerizing a wide variety of audiences with his innovative, thought provoking and visually stunning illusions.

Ron Guttman
For corporate events you need corporate experience. With Ron Guttman you get just that: 35 years in the IT industry with 16 of those as an independent consultant delivering functional solutions to business problems; over 20 years as a professional entertainer and still in great demand in the family segment; plus 11 years as a dramatic actor with appearances in both film and television productions.

Ron Guttman = Speaker + Trainer + Entertainer

That means that you get a skilled corporate communicator: someone who can listen to your needs and communicate with your staff; someone who has lived the corporate culture and has not been isolated from "the real world" of business. Those 35 years also provided me with some unique insights on how projects are managed and mismanaged.
A part of those 35 years were spent in the delivery of corporate education while most recently I have been "performing" as an actor in television and film drama. It's all communication.

What does that have to do with anything?

It means that whether you book a presentation or training, or just plain entertainment, it’s going to be engaging and fun! Almost everything I do from a presentation perspective has been impacted by my training as a classical actor.

Danny Hamill
The Magic Of Danny Hamill, pure and simple, yet very entertaining.
Whether it is on a theatre stage, an open air stage, or right in front of your dinner table, Danny Hamill is a master at making the impossible seem possible. The unreal become reality. His refreshing energetic approach to his art makes his unique brand of magic come alive and his ability to establish an immediate rapport with his audience is enviable.

Witnessing The Magic Of Danny Hamill is sure to leave you astounded with his sleight of hand maneuvers or his well seasoned skills with much larger illusions. Not only that, but you are guaranteed to have a laugh. Danny has always believed that if he merely mystifies his audience, he has only done half of his job. His performance would not be complete if he has not brought some joy and laughter to your day. Danny's easy going personality coupled with his strong sense of humor will make you feel as if you've been a participant in a magical show instead of just a spectator.

James Harrison

As a pick-pocket magician, James borrows pens, watches, wallets, ties, and even belts from willing (and unwilling) audience members. Before you can yell "thief", James has returned the valuables to their rightful owners, occasionally making them reappear in very unexpected places.

After a severe knee injury leaving him bed-ridden for over six months, James spent the long days practicing sleight of hand. Eight years later Mr. Harrison has risen to the top of his field in the performance of magic focusing on the lesser-known branch of the art of... pick-pocket magic.

Dick Joiner

With his infectious hysterical laugh, fun-loving zany manner and high paced interactive comedy magic, Dick Joiner delights and astounds audiences on land, sea, and air (television), throughout Canada, the U. S. A., and Europe.

Dick’s versatility and unique blend of Magic and Mayhem make him a consistent audience favorite for all types of occasions.

Dick Joiner is able to adapt to any audience situation. He was a feature performer on Canada's Longest running Comedy Magic Cabaret "Harpers - A Little Night Magic" where he performed up to seven shows a week during its run of ten years.  Whether you are looking for a gala production with large illusions, multiple performers, and all the flash of a Vegas revue, or simply a vibrant show host or master of ceremonies, Dick Joiner will tailor the show to fit your needs.  You can always count on a fast paced riot of a show with lots of craziness and tons of audience participation.

Mike Mandel

Dr. Mike Mandel's career has covered many different fields: stage performer, trainer, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer, and corporate speaker.

Born in England , the son of an electrical engineer, Mike inherited none of his father's mechanical or practical skills, but his wit and imagination made him a natural entertainer. Using his creative forces, Mike single handedly reinvented the persona of the stage hypnotist, rescuing it from its tacky beginnings and giving it rock star appeal. In the 1970's he toured extensively with A Foot in Cold Water, Lighthouse, Max Webster , Teenage Head and is immortalized in the Goddo song “Pretty Bad Boys”. Thereafter, Mike Mandel's consistent popularity and captivating comedy led to five tours of Britain , and appearances on CBCs Jonovision, YTV, Vision, W5, Discovery, Bravo! Arts and Minds , and numerous guest spots on Australian television. Widely regarded as the world's greatest hypnotist, Mike Mandel has 18 nominations and 6 awards for excellence in entertainment. In June 2000 he was presented with the COCA Hall of Fame Award, previously won by Sarah McLaughlin, the Tragically Hip and Jim Carrey.

A qualified trainer of neurolinguistic programming and the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada, Mike holds a doctorate in clinical hypnosis. He teaches interested lay people, therapists and doctors, and is certified in a number of highly effective psychotherapeutic disciplines that get rapid results. His private practice included flying to Australia to help a rock star.

Jason McConnie

Jason McConnie performs a very special magic show.  It's a high energy affair with lots of laughs and surprises.  You'll be thrilled by grand illusions, levitation, and plenty of crowd participation.  It's a warm and thoughtful experience that leaves the audience feeling good about themselves.  Canada's top corporations trust Jason McConnie to bring the fun to their events. Companies like Rogers, Bell, CIBC, and IBM have enjoyed his hilarious entertainment . Count on Jason McConnie to make this year's party one to remember!

Ken McCreedy has been active in the Art of Magic since the early seventies. With his unique blend of sleight of hand, comedy, grand illusion and audience participation, he has entertained and amazed literally thousands of people world wide. Whether it is on Television or on the stage in the United States, Bahamas, Bermuda, Japan, China or Canada, this dynamic performer always leaves the audience asking for more.

Since the late seventies, Ken has been the resident magician, where he portrays Merlin, at the World Famous Henry VIII Feast.

Ken is an award-winning magician and has also created magic and stage illusions for some of today's most contemporary performers. His creations have appeared in the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Magazine as well as Japanese and French periodicals.

One noted magical columnist states: "he does some great comedy magic. Come to think of it...if you see Ken's name mentioned anywhere you should go see him...stage, close-up or comedy he's equally skilled in all fields. Plus he's one of the nicest people you'll meet in the world of magic!"

Buck MacLeod

Children's Stage Magic Show

Ideal for your company Holiday parties, picnics and malls. This is a big show that will play to a large audience of 50 to 200 children. Not only will Buck entertain with his unique comedy children's magic but also provide the sound system and wireless mike that's a must for a show this size. That will guarantee that everybody will hear all the fun banter that Buck delivers during his show that makes all the kids scream with excitement.

Imagine witnessing the thrill of Mysterion as he uses five senses to create the illusion of a sixth, apparently reading the thoughts of your guests and demonstrating the wonders of "extra senses". Expect a fun and uncanny supernatural show with the ability to amaze even the hardest skeptics  Mysterion is suitable for all groups including corporate events, colleges, and youth groups.  An international performer he attracts press wherever he goes having appearances regularly on MTV, YTV and even the cover story of Canada's leading arts and culture paper EYE weekly as well as countess other television radio and print appearances. Mysterion is guaranteed to blow your minds beyond repair!!!

Performing for over twenty-five years, Glenn Ottaway has done just about everything. Beginning as an amateur magician in his early teens, and turning professional at sixteen, he began his life long journey in show biz. From Circus Sideshow to the Royal York's Imperial Room (when it was a theatre of respect!), Glenn has made his passion of live entertainment his life.

Shuffling, mixing, and sleight-of-handing comedy and magic, Glenn has appeared from coast to coast, and from San Antonio, Texas to Alert (just south of the North Pole). A ten year stint as resident host and Master of Ceremonies of “A Little Night Magic” (Canada's longest continuously running Magic/Comedy Cabaret) did not anchor him. He has worked every possible venue, from The International Plowing Match to the Imperial Theatre in St John, New Brunswick. He has performed for British Royalty visiting Canada, and Canadian peace-keepers in Bosnia. He has appeared with Blue Rodeo , The Farmer's Daughter , Lawrence Gowan , Moxy Fruvous , The Spoons , The Skydiggers and The Waltons , not to mention the golden oldies Brenda Lee and The Four Lads .

Paul is not the seventh son of a seventh son, nor was he dropped on his head or struck by lightning. When asked how he developed these special abilities, Paul‘s belief is that everyone has some degree of telepathic potential. Not everyone, however, has developed them to such a degree of sensitivity. “A child of twelve could do what I do, with about twenty years of practice”, says Paul.

Paul was born in Oakville Ontario, just outside of Toronto, on September 12 1970, which would make him a Virgo (for what it‘s worth.) Paul does not believe in Astrology. He thinks of it as if it were like perfume. He can smell it but he wouldn‘t want to drink it! Paul does not foster any new age beliefs and is quick to educate his audience that everything that HE demonstrates is based on psychology.

The Poynters, both ACTRA members have performed on various TV shows and were featured in aBarbra Streisand - produced movie starring Daryl Hanna for HBO and SHOWTIME. A full-scale Vegas styled review called "Simply Magic" was produced around Ken and Barbi which toured for a year. You may have experienced The Poynter's at aClub Med or in any of some thirty eight cities throughout the world or aboard one of several cruise hips in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Then again, it may have been at Ontario Place, The CNE, Toronto's "A Little Night's Magic" dinner theatre or various Canadian resorts and theatres. Or perhaps you were mesmerized by Ken's dexterity during one of their convention or corporate appearances for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

If so, you know that they combine their finely honed skills as magicians, illusionists, and masters of escape with a natural flair for balancing drama and humour. For over 25 years Ken has been amazing audiences with the increasingly mysterious innovations of a successful magic career inspired in childhood. 21 years ago Ken found his new apprentice Barbi, and soon the company was officially made a team effort. Together this spellbinding couple continue to dazzle audiences. For audiences that enjoy a hillarious, highly skilled, well-choreographed performance, being entertained by
The Poynter's is a delightful experience.

Nathaniel Rankin's fast-paced magic, juggling and comedy show, combines a range of state of the art modern magic, clean comedy, contemporary dance, juggling manipulation, escapology, audience participation and sharp wit.

Whether Nathaniel is levitating a 5 foot lamp 6 feet off the floor, vanishing a real radio into thin air, juggling 6 rings then catching them on his head or having you laugh so hard that you should have worn adult diapers to his show, this show is guaranteed to delight you to the point of nausea. His comedy will have you rolling in the aisles and his magic and juggling skills will have you amazed. Nathaniel tailors his show to fit any venue: theatres, cruise ships, circuses, banquets, colleges, weddings, restaurants, trade shows, casinos, revue shows, corporate events…… you name it…… he can do it.

He can do a variety of different sets: from a full 40 minute stage show to an entertaining 5 minute act. Nathaniel's shows can be customized to meet the specific needs of your client, vary in length and accommodate various performance spaces.

Whether playing to two dozen or two thousand people, Nathaniel has tremendous audience IMPACT and always performs solo. There's no need for assistants and all of his shows amazingly fit into standard luggage bags for easy travel. His originality and creativity compliment any celebration, making his performance an unforgettable experience.

Rick Rossini

IT'S MAGIC - Interactive Audience Fun
This is an amazing, fun filled magical experience  featuring Rick Rossini and “your audience as the stars”!  This special performance offers a unique combination of good clean humor, sophisticated entertainment, magic, and theatre, all assisted by members of your audience (with no embarrassment to anyone).  Amazing, exciting and funny, Rossini will quite literally have some audience members jumping out of their chairs in laughter

Ryan Wilson

Starting at the age of 9, Ryan taught himself his very first trick- probably the oldest in magic, a cups and balls routine. Wanting to learn more and make a name for himself, Ryan challenged the age restrictions at the local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and became the youngest member ever accepted. Having learned and progressed to more difficult magic, emerging today as a professional who can amaze even the most skeptical.

Ryan was then hired to help demonstrate magic at one of the busiest magic shops along the east coast. From there he joined the biggest illusion builder in Canada, building large scale illusions. Everything from vanishing an entire football team complete with cheerleaders to cutting a lady in half. Many of the illusions Ryan worked on and built are now in the hands of professional illusionists scattered all around the world.

Ryan has since performed for many organizations and large corporations throughout North America. Don't let that fool you though- Ryan has magical entertainment for any budget and any size group. His magic is perfect for any crowd from children's birthday parties to trade shows.

Ryan's award winning act captivates the audience. He draws you into each routine, making you wonder what is going to happen next. If it's coins, cards, or even fire, Ryan's ability to make these simple objects magical is truly rare.

Zan Zar the Magical Genie – a magically entertaining show with dove, rabbit and fire eating. Has performed for corporate and private events for many years.